The Most Efficient Way
to Move from Script to Screen

Traditional storyboards fall well short of delivering effective tools that help you solve your problems in prep.

But when you work in FrameForge, you can previsualize your shoot from start to finish. Block your shot, set your camera, set your lens, bring in your actors and customize them to the vision you had in mind — you can even edit your sequence. And when you do, you’ll quickly learn how to identify and fix potential problems you’ll face on set, saving you time and money.

Watch this short video to discover the magic behind the FrameForge Control Room.


Does Your Storyboard Come With Collision Warnings?

In FrameForge, when a physical camera (or the equipment it’s on) collides with any other object on your set, you’re given an automatic collision warning — so you can make decisions on how to fix it before you arrive on your live set. This is just one of the many reasons why FrameForge is the future of storyboarding.

Data-Rich Storyboards™ Actually Prepare Your Shoot

By working in a realistic 3D environment, FrameForge changes storyboarding from a simple, static communication to a dynamic, Data-Rich Storyboard™ that feeds directly into your production.
The unique script lining feature does more than just place a script’s text next to an image. Instead, it uses the concept of a lined script (as used by script supervisors), which enhances your preproduction planning.

FrameForge will change the way you storyboard forever

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